Why Lutheran?

I wasn’t born a Lutheran, or even a Christian for that matter. Odds are, given the demographics of this country, I grew up a lot like you. I was drawn to the Lutheran expression of the Christian faith because, while they didn’t invent arguing; they are a faith tradition founded on asking questions, on disputing, on finding the best way forward, the most faithful way forward.

This is a place for you to ask questions, and if the answers fail you, to learn to ask better questions in search of better answers.

There are a lot of questions to ask. In this world of quick and easy answers that blow away like ash and smoke there are a lot of questions to ask and while I like to think that the almost 500 years that Lutherans have been working on the answers is a pretty good head start, there are more voices that must be heard, so that all people can know the answers and own the answers for themselves.

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